How to meditate to increase brain power – Modern Ayurveda Review

Modern Ayurveda Program Review

How to meditate to increase brain power, a beautiful, healthier, and happier life is not derived from material items and wealth, but through a balance between the 3 crucial body systems, mind, body, and spirit.

Some programs that try guiding you fail, because they are not panned out correctly. The tricky part for some people is finding a way to balance these 3 systems. Most people having hard time or they can’t follow.


But today, there is one medicine program that is trying to make up for shortcomings in other programs. Providing us with the structured layout that we need. This program is called Ayurveda Experience for Yoga Practitioners and Seekers of Complete Health and Well-being. With this program you will receive guidance, tips, and clarity you need to achieve healthier, balanced, and happier life. Also how to meditate to increase brain power.


About the Developer

Cate Stillman a yoga teacher, medicine practitioner and the founder of the Worldwide Association of Yoga Health Coaches. She is a certified Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist and Pancha Karma Specialist, Graduated in Dr. Vasant lasd’s gurukula program in India.

She is a certified Anusara Yoga teacher and also she completed 2 year lyengar yoga teacher training. Cate Stillman been practicing wellness teacher and ayurvedic practitioner since 2001 and she founded several wellness and yoga websites.



About Modern Ayurveda program effectiveness

This program will answer the question how to meditate to increase brain power. The program is meant to provide you with a holistic and rich life by balancing your body, energy levels, experience, and mind. This programs works to promote mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

To truly make the most of the program you need to take guidance to heart, incorporate the program’s recommendations, and watch the tutorials. The modules and program provide you with all the resources, guidance, and tools that you need to accomplish Ayurveda. Those people who use Ayurveda find it to be a lifetime solution to overcoming many life troubles and most challenging issues.

This program is easy to follow and highly organized. The Ayurveda Experience program is broken down into three sections, each section’s videos span around two hours and provide you a knowledge, wealth of guidance to achieving Ayurveda.


About the Program

  • In the first lesson it will last 2 hours and 3o minutes and this section you will attain basic knowledge about the energies, Ayurveda, how can you enchance yoga, and how they work together. It will teach you how your energy works, the energies of vikruti and prakruti, the koshas, the habits of yogis, your chakras, and daily rhythms. The program is broken down into subsection making it easy to understand. If you are having some trouble learning a concept, then the videos allow you to backtrack so that you can review it. Also it is advisable that you make sire to learn the concept before proceeding.

  • The next program spans 2 hours and 40 minutes. You will start to learn your own identity, stages of life, what yogis eat, how to help you and your family, the relationship between elders and kids, yoga and energy practice, Ayurveda on the mat, how to heal, and how to meditate to increase brain power. By fully mastering each of them, you will able to lead a happier, healthier, and more holistic life.


  • The third part of the program will explain you everything related to your health, doshas, and chakras, the main causes of disease from an Ayurvedic perspective, detox, how using spices as medicine, ways to decipher your health based upon your body and appearance.The information of the sections are very informative, useful, and perfect way to master Ayurveda, It’s very interesting to watch and you won’t experience one moment of boredom.

The Good News

There’s a good news, because when you order a product they will give you a beautiful Cotton Yoga Mat, which you fan use during the 2nd portion of the program.

The free yoga mat is part of an introductory offer, it is best to order ASAP if you are interested. Also in addition you will also receive a text companion to the content. It is for the persons who are more inclined to read and learn using a hard copy.

The Modern Ayurveda program wants all of its customers to be satisfied. So there’s a 60 day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied about the product you will receive a full refund. Therefore, you can also feel confident that you won’t need to go through that process.


The Modern Ayurveda Experience is highly effective and better way to manage your life. By using this program you will learn how to experience more holistic, happier, and healthier life.




Self healing | Align body mind soul

Self Healing

Self healing -This is the process of recovery, generally from trauma, psychological disturbances, stress and emotional problems. The healing means becoming more able to accomplish what you wish to accomplish. This may involve healing of a physical wound, ea maladaptive behavior for example addiction, shyness and rage or sometimes conflictual relationships.

self healing
There’s a lot of ways to heal yourself using surgery, exercise, medicines and supplements, yes they help. But the only best way for self healing is to learn to create physical and mental relaxation and balance. These are guided meditation, self hypnosis, and yoga for getting you well.

Self healing involves tuning your spirit, mind , body and soul. Meditation and other deep relaxation techniques can you eliminate distractions. Allow yourself to feel you are accepting the world just as it is at this moment. Fill your mind with all the things you feel grateful, give thanks and feel the gratitude inside your body. Visualize your body starting to heal itself and picture yourself as completely well, healthy and happy. That’s the secret key of self healing.

Yoga is one of the best tool for self healing. There’s a program called yoga for healing by Tera Bucasas


Yoga for Healing

Tera Bucasas is a Registered Yoga Teacher through the Yoga Alliance. She has completed her two hundred hour Yoga Teacher Training through Corepower Yoga plus over one hundred additional training hours. She has also struggled personally with chronic illness which gives her understanding perspective.

Base on her own experience, going unexpectedly from being a energetic, fit yoga instructor to someone dealing with overwhelming physical pain, fatigue and deep depression inspired her to create Yoga for Healing program. She used her training and experience to develop a yoga practice for those who are making their way back to fitness, who have challenges of almost any kind, or who are growing older, people maybe like you or like me. People who need a achievable, dependable, no-frills way to work toward wellness, address some of the deeper aspects of healing and become more fit.


I truly like that Tera shows us how to move our body in accordance with our ability. Tera invites us to slow down and start wherever we are instead of risking injury by pressuring us. The program includes seven unique workout videos, posture list, a 25 page work book, and modification videos for each workouts. The workbook includes focus sheets for you to be able to explore deeper aspects of the program and journal.


Here are the Top Three reasons why I like Yoga for Healing:

It’s Real

She is a genuine as it is clear from the first video, and Yoga for Healing is real deal. Tera doesn’t resort to fluffy cliches, flowery language, or crazy pep talks. Tera speaks direct and simply, soothingly leading you through each gentle routine. I found this profoundly enticing, encouraging me to do my best even on my worst days.

Course Design

I like comprehensive material that is presented attractively and clearly. I love the helpful support information. Tera’s attention to detail and thoughtfulness, and the workbook is designed to be a user friendly. All the lessons and information are logically and carefully laid out. The most important thing is  when she guides us step  by step gently through our achievement. For us, she has done a great job of making yoga fun, doable, and helpful.


This program Yoga for Healing is very easy to adapt to your current ability, even if it’s different everyday, whatever that might be. Tera built accommodations and modifications into the program, that will encourage you to adapt as needed. She will show you how to focus on the areas of your body that feel more capable. Tera developed this program Yoga for Healing with each of us in mind.


You’ll want to get Yoga for Healing now! The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll start feeling and seeing the results.

A gentler yoga practice to help your body and mind heal from aging, trauma, and stress.


Shapeshifter Yoga Review

Shapeshifter Yoga Review

The Shapeshifteshapeshifter yoga reviewr yoga review is all about the yoga program that focuses on reducing body fat and help you lose weight while doing some yoga poses, written by a 12 years yoga instructor Kris Fondran, with a Master’s degree in Exercise Science that makes her one of the top yoga fitness experts today.  Kris developed this program that helps people to transform from flab to fab using the yoga alone.


No Pain no Gain

No pain no gain is the rules when it comes to building muscles, yes that’s true. But with yoga you  don’t need to lift heavy weights because all you need to do is to lift your own body weight while doing the poses. The program will help you tone and sculpt your body. In addition, the more muscle you build, the more you boost your metabolism and you will burn even more calories and fat.

How the program works?

Shapeshifter yoga will allow you to burn as many fats and even more calories than you were doing intense exercise. The guides detail every poses in the videos and a step-by-step instruction.  This is the best program if you want to lose weight while doing yoga. If you are lost  and you don’t know what program is the best for you, then you should try this one.

shapeshifter yoga review

Shapeshifter Yoga will cost you around $19 and will will receive a complete fat loss and body shaping program that includes the following,

  • Yoga Pose Video Library
  • Yoga Program Video Routines
  • Yoga Pose Manual
  • Yoga At a Glance Wall Chart
  • Yoga Everyday 10 minutes Video
  • Follow along Audio Files
  • Body Awareness Audio
  • Yoga Guided Meditation Audio
  • Yoga Quick Start Manual
  • Yoga Follow Along Video

About The Product

Best for beginners and all fitness levels. All fitness levels can benefit from shapeshifter program and as you progress you can take it to next level and you can challenge your self. Beginners will have no trouble using this program. Very low cost and you get what you pay for.

shapeshifter yoga review


They are also offering money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the program you can tell them within 60 days you will get your money back. Shapeshifter program only needs a low time requirement 20 minutes only just three times a week.

The program is easy to follow, this program comes with guides, videos and audio and everything you need to practice yoga.

Shapeshifter is not a rapid weight loss program so don’t expect to see results overnight. Just stick with it and you will see the results.  We all know that diet is a big part if you want to lose weight so I recommend clean eating.

I highly recommend using this program if you don’t want to do endless cardio workout, extreme exercises using and lifting heavy weights and if you have interest in practicing the yoga.

Hopefully you found this Shapeshifter yoga review helpful and insightful finding the right program that will fit your goals. Visit their official website Shapeshifter Yoga by Kris Fondran

Best Yoga for weight loss

Best yoga for weight loss

So what is the best yoga for you? Do you want to learn yoga for weight loss? Yoga is a form of exercise and focuses your body, mind and soul. The word yoga cam from the Sankrit word YUG which means union of individual and universal consciousness.

yoga for wait loss

Yoga is a science of well being, science of integrating mind, body and soul. Yoga is an ancient Indian practice aims at cleansing and rejuvenating the body as well within. If you will practice yoga everyday as part of your everyday routine you will feel the difference physically, mentally and spiritually and it yoga can help you lose weight.

Some people today are starting to get more cautious of their metabolic disorders, increasing waistlines, and others. When I start doing yoga, I don’t see how it will be a tool for weight loss comparing going to the gym and lift heavy weights, and do some intense workout. But later I understand the difference, it was affirmative, enlightening and gratifying.

yoga for wait loss

To understand the yoga deeply I gor in touch with a fitness expert Kris Fondrans the writer of the top selling book called “ShapeShifter Yoga“. On being asked how yoga helps in weight loss. She proposed to start from basics of the practice. According to Kris Fondrans, before you target weight loss, it’s very important for you to understand the factors in weight gain. Apart from your faulty dietary habits, you should identify that weight gain also stems from inefficient functioning of various bodily functions.


Breathing is very important to learn in yoga for weight loss. Proper breathing aims at balancing, rejuvenating and cleansing our inner organs and their functions. The breathing exercise help in increasing metabolic and heart rates. Kris Fondrans explain how yoga aims at making fit. It involves twisting the body, inversions and other poses, backward and forward bends and thereby facilitate weight loss.

yoga for wait loss


The half moon pose or ardha chandraasana, the benefits of this pose is a great to tone your inner and upper thighs and buttocks. By adding the stretch on the sided of the tummy, it will help you strengthen your core, and burn off those unsightly love handles, helps with weight loss.

yoga for wait loss
The Plank Pose or Kumbhakasana, this pose will tone your abdominal muscles while strengthening the spine and arms. If you have shoulder and back injuries, or highblood pressure then you should avoid doing this pose.

yoga for wait loss

Here are some guided yoga poses and instructions that surely burn fat and helps you lose weight, also the list of best selling yoga books, and guides. Go to Shapeshifter Yoga Review.